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26.03.2018 · Agree with both of Jason's posts. In fact he installed a urutu x pipe on my 15 mc vert. I can't tell a difference in power. Like Jason said the GT already has an x pipe stock, so essentially it's a resonator delete when installing a urutu or larini x pipe. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk. The Larini Systems High Performance X-Pipe allows you to upgrade your Maserati with improved exhaust flow and sound. Most Quattroporte 4.2L / 4.7L models use a center resonator muffler that reduces the sound output and stiffles performance.Formula Dynamics now has a bolt-on High Performance X-Pipe, made of High Quality, Tig Welded, Aviation. 20.08.2018 · Here are a few videos that we wanted to share as we know many of you are looking to decide on the right exhaust system right now. Please just remember these are iphone videos and while not the best, they will offer you a nice glimpse into the Larini Sound on the Ghibli, the true volume differences and tones between clips and the sound quality. If you're looking for more power 30whp/33ft-lbs along with a much more exotic exhaust tone with no drone, our Sport Cat Downpipes & Supersport X-Pipe are what you're looking for. We use top-of-the-line HJS HD 200 Cell Sport Cats for NO Check Engine Lights guaranteed along with Ceramic Fiber Refractory Mat Heat Blankets which are crucial to.

05.07.2014 · I had the H pipe on my old GS with a Larini system and now have an X pipe on my new GS. Both had secondary de cat pipes. There is a noticeable difference and this is the popping and crackling from the X pipe on the overrun.

14.10.2011 · I had the Larini muffler, Larini X-pipe, and the Larini de-cat's installed. The sound was too loud for me, but the accerlation was much better than stock. The car really woke up with just the muffler and X-pipe. The de-cat was the icing on the cake and gave me more acceleration with a.
07.02.2013 · That being said, you are 100% right, swapping out an X pipe for an H pipe will make a noticable difference no matter which X pipe you're trading out, stock CC, GS, or even a Larini. An X pipe and an H pipe are quite different in their design and effect. Larini X-Pipe for 4.2L/4.7L Quattroporte Automatic. Too loud for me with the boxes, maybe 2K miles on them. $350 Shipped to lower 48 states Email or.

08.02.2018 · I just put the Larini X Pipe on my 4.7 It is noticeably different, raspier as others have said but particularly more aggressive in higher RPM. The thing that i wasn't expecting was how much louder it is. It's pushing socially acceptable now. I was considering sport cats as well but I think my neighbours would kill me if I did that. If you have the factory X pipe found on the GranSport, you don't need the Larini X-Pipe, they are similar enough. The sound with that setup Mufflers and X-Pipe is usually considered to be pretty darn good and loud enough for most. If you are looking for more, then typically you'll want to step up to the Larini Sport Cats or DeCats next. 22.01.2017 · Are used to have a very expensive exhaust fitted to my car but it was way too noisy so I went back to the standard one. At the last service I heard about the X-pipe. Larini Club Sport Center Section Ferrari California 09-14. Model FER-CAL-LARINI-X-PIPE. 06.09.2019 · Not yet, awaiting delivery of my x pipe not Larini. I'll let you know my feedback when it arrives and has been fitted - should be next week.

LARINI 'REAR' EXHAUST LINK PIPES - ASTON MARTIN DB7 V12 VANTAGE GT The Larini philosophy is that the sporting vehicle must be super light. The key enemy for vehicle efficiency and dynamics is weight. 27.01.2009 · Hi Everyone, I have a 2008 Gran Turismo which I recently retrofitted with the GTS exchaust and it is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! It sounds like a Lambo with Tubi. 30.07.2019 · Just replaced my Larini H pipe with an X pipe, so its now up for sale. It is used, and il grab a few photos of it cleaned up for anyone interested. From memory and a quick look its pretty mint except a slight ding in the H section. Im based in Milton Keynes, and looking for £400PP. Cost new is £600 from Larini. 04.01.2019 · Have just installed a new Larini X-pipe on a GTS Automatic post 2013 model. The burbles have definitely become more apparent. Sound is louder in Sport Manual, it wasn’t my aim but it is. 24.05.2016 · Larini sports cats and x pipe Basically you still have the characteristic GT sound, but with more authority in non-sports mode. In sports mode, you have a GT with the authority of wild cat.

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LARINI 'PHASE 2' EFFICIENCY ECU - MASERATI GRANTURISMO 4.2. Larini Performance ECU Recalibration places emphasis on increasing engine efficiency by improving low-end and mid-range torque & power delivery - not solely at the top end where the extra power can rarely be used on the road. 20.03.2014 · Ok, the competition is getting fierce in terms of the high-pitch F-1 sound. Who has heard both of them in person? I know the Capristo one is relatively new and looks like only James Bond has one on his Orangina R8, but I know there must be someone else out there that has the new Capristo X-pipe. 09.11.2015 · Does anyone have Larini X pipes on their 550? Larini Club Sport Center Section Exhaust Pipe Ferrari 550 Maranello eBay thanks, bob. Larini Systems Sport Cats are a powerful upgrade for the Maserati Granturismo 4.7L, unleashing 18hp and 22 ft/lb of torque from this bolt-on performance upgrade. The factory Maserati Granturismo Cat sections incorporate a pair of Restrictive Primary Cats.

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- Larini 'Club Sport' Centres are suitable for users where optimal weight saving is required. - The lighter and louder non-resonated 'Club Sport' application adds a deeper ‘tone’, robust volume, aggressive pitch, and a louder assertive exhaust note, while boosting vehicle performance.

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